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Cherubs can form strong emotional bonds with another, but not all emotions have good intentions. Love is a more positive feeling that gives a cherub warm, fuzzy feelings. On the flip side, hate beats through them and often makes them spiteful. There are many feelings a Cherub have to spark this bond, but this bond is unbreakable. Yes, these bonds can form more than once with different Cherubs.

Most of the time they form a courtship if they fall in love, but as there as good feelings of strong emotion some Cherubs suffer from the negative emotions that bond them. One must be considerate their strong emotional bond and the intentions that lie behind it before deciding to breed.

Breeding Process:

Step 1: Cherubs must be bonded.
  • You will have to show their bond through the bonding prompt for breeding to be an option.
Step 2: Wait for the Season.
  • Without the breeding season, they cannot breed. Simply wait for this to be updated with an open season. In the mean time, if you cannot buy the breeding slots, try to earn some pearls for free breedings. These are located in the shop for group currency.
Step 3: Make the breeding happen.
  • Once you have the conditions met, you will post here with the breeding form located in the ticket chain link.
  • You will post all breeding tickets here. Fees may apply depending on the type of breeding.

Breeding Rules:

  • Cherubs can bond more than once, but bonds are unbreakable.
  • Love, Hate, and any other strong emotions can form a bond.
  • They can only breed if they are bonded.
  • Gender doesn't matter, as they are originally born hermaphroditic.
  • No guilt tripping.

Baby Rules:

  • Offspring will start as a newt and grow into an adult. You can grow them at any point you want by finding someone to do an adult ref.
  • Offspring follow the TOS and can be traded or sold.

TalonEX is open for item breedings.
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Lemmys Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
How the baby giving work? It is automatically co-owned unless said otherwise? Or you choose who takes it? And can you give the baby to another person instead?
TalonEX Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016
The owners of the parents decide of who keeps (or co owns) or if they want to trade/sell/gift. :>
Lemmys Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok, thank you for the info!
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